3 Things Renters Insurance Commonly Covers

7 December 2022
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There is no doubt that renters insurance can be extremely beneficial to individuals who choose to rent rather than buy their homes. This is because the home insurance carried by the owner of the property will not cover items belonging to a tenant. Renters insurance allows tenants to ensure that their personal belongings are protected. However, many renters do not realize just how much coverage their renters insurance actually provides. Below you can learn more about three things you may not even realize are covered by most renters insurance policies.

#1: Personal Belongings Inside Your Vehicle

The coverage provided by renters insurance applies to your personal belongings regardless of whether they are located in your home or your vehicle at the time they are damaged or stolen. This means that you can file a claim if items are stolen out of your vehicle even though the primary purpose of renters insurance is to cover the personal items stored inside your home. You can also file a claim if your items are ever lost, damaged, or stolen while you are away on vacation. As long as the affected items are typically stored in your home, these items will be covered by your renters insurance.

#2: Temporary Lodging Costs Due To Home Repairs

While renters insurance does not provide any coverage for the structure of the rented home that you live in, it could still come in handy if you are forced to temporarily leave your home due to the need for significant repairs. If your home is badly damaged and you must obtain temporary lodging while it is being repaired, your renters insurance could help you to cover the cost of this lodging. In most cases, renters insurance will offer a per diem rate for each day that you are displaced from your home. If your temporary lodging exceeds this daily rate, you will need to cover any excess charges out of your own pocket. In some cases, you may also be able to file a claim with the homeowner's insurance company to help you cover these excess expenses. 

#3: Replacement Of Spoiled Food

A power outage or appliance failure could leave you dealing with the task of replacing food that spoiled inside your fridge or freezer. In this situation, your renters insurance will often provide a flat-rate benefit that can help you cover this cost. It is important to note that this benefit is often limited to a few hundred dollars and will vary from company to company. Consequently, you may still need to cover some of the cost of replacing your food despite having this coverage. 

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