When Do You Need To Ask For An Auto Insurance Quote?

1 July 2021
 Categories: Insurance, Blog


Your car insurance policy isn't something you think about every day. Perhaps you only think about it when you're paying your premiums or when you want to make a claim. However, some situations call for reviewing your insurance policy and making the needed changes. And, during such times, you'll need to ask for an auto insurance quote from your insurer. Keep on reading to learn four situations when asking for a quote is a good idea. 

You Have a New Car

If you have just bought a brand-new car, it may be a good idea to have extra coverage to protect it. You may consider insurance coverage plans like gap coverage and new car replacement coverage as they're primarily designed for brand-new vehicles. The former helps you pay off your loan if your vehicle is totaled and the amount owed is more than the vehicle's depreciated value, while the latter pays for the replacement of your car if it's totaled. 

You can add these two plans to your other standard coverages for better protection of your new car. Your insurance company may also package these new coverages into a single option to be added to your existing policy. Overall, getting an auto insurance quote will help you know which type of coverage suits you most. 

Your Child Just Got Their Driver's License or Is Going Away for College

Depending on your insurer, you may be required to add your child to your auto insurance policy after they have gotten their driver's license or their learner's permit. A quote will help you know how this changes your auto insurance payments. You may also consider additional coverage as your teenager, at this age, is a high-risk driver. 

When your child is leaving home for college, you may also qualify for a "student away" discount. This is especially if your child will no longer be driving their car or the family's car during the period they're in school. An auto insurance quote will indicate how much discount you're eligible to get. 

You Have Bought a Home

Having your home and car insurance policies with different companies may be more expensive than having both of them in one company. Therefore, if you have just bought a new home, it may be a good idea to insure it with the same company that covers your car. 

In most cases, this will enable you to receive a discount. To understand how much you'll save from combining home and auto insurance, ask your insurer for a quote. 

You Want to Use Your Car for Ride-Share Services

Your personal car insurance policy will not cover you while you're carrying passengers for a profit. If an accident occurs, you may end up covering the damage from your pockets. And, while ride-share companies will offer insurance, it may not be comprehensive enough to cover all gaps. Therefore, ask your insurance company for a quote to see which coverages you can add for better protection.