What Your Insurance Agent Needs As You Apply For Auto Insurance

7 June 2021
 Categories: Insurance, Blog


Are you shopping for an auto insurance policy? You will need to engage a professional auto insurance agent. The agents act as an intermediary between you and an insurance company. Such agents will support you to get adequate coverage for your vehicles and process your claims in the event of an insured risk. Here is the key information an auto insurance agent may require from a potential policyholder.

Personal Details 

Car insurance allows you to list more than one driver on the policy. Therefore, you will have to provide basic information on all listed individuals. The details include the names, genders, addresses, and driver's licenses. Again the car insurance agent will need the ages of all drivers to determine the auto premiums. Typically, drivers aged between 16 and 25 and those above 65 years are considered high-risk drivers. Hence, you should expect to pay more premiums if you are in those age categories. 

Driver's History 

The car insurance agent will also need to know the driving history of all drivers to be included on the policy. A driving record affects the cost of car insurance. In this case, a good driving record attracts low premium rates. In contrast, a history of accidents and traffic violations makes one a high-risk policyholder. Consequently, the auto insurance agent usually gathers the driver's records from the Department of Motor Vehicles.

Car Details 

Primarily, the auto insurance agent will collect information about the car you wish to insure. Largely, the make, model, and manufacturing year matter a lot. Ordinarily, luxury vehicles cost more in insurance, given the high cost of repairs and replacement. Again, the insurance agent requires an estimation of the miles the car is driven annually. Notably, one is expected to provide information on the safety features in the car, such as anti-lock brakes, airbags, blind-spot warning, and collision avoidance systems. These safety features attract insurance discounts. Lastly, the auto insurance agent will need to know whether you have current insurance coverage for the vehicle. In the case of existing coverage, one must provide an insurance declaration page as evidence.


Your residential location also matters in the car insurance application process. Typically, the insurance premiums will vary depending on whether you stay in rural or urban areas. The risk of accidents, auto theft, and vandalism is usually higher in urban areas, attracting high premiums. More so, the auto insurance agent also needs to know where you park your car. For instance, having a secure garage would attract favorable premiums. 

If you intend to purchase automobile insurance, having the relevant and adequate information simplifies the insurance application process and ensures you have the ideal policy. The auto insurance agents will consider personal and car detail in assessing the level of coverage you need and the cost of the policy.