6 Easy Ways to Save On Car Insurance

26 February 2021
 Categories: Insurance, Blog


Owning a car is expensive. Luckily, you can control how much you pay for car insurance through a variety of actions.

#1: Use One Insurance Provider

If you have multiple insurance needs, such as car insurance, renter's insurance, or motorcycle insurance, get all your insurance needs covered by the same insurance provider. When you work with the same provider for all your insurance needs, most insurance providers will reward you by offering you a lower cost on all your policies with them.

#2: Increase Your Deductible

Second, you are going to want to increase your deductible. Increasing your deductible will allow you to save money on your premium. Since you only have to pay your deductible if you have to make a claim, it makes sense to raise your deductible to enjoy a lower premium.

#3: Drive Safe

Third, you are going to want to drive safely. When you drive safely and keep a good driving record without any accidents or tickets, you are going to enjoy better insurance rates. The longer you stay safe on the road, the more benefits you can reap via lower costs on your premium. Being a safe driver can also allow you to qualify for an accident forgiveness program, so even if you get into an accident after years of safe driving, you would not face a penalty for your accident.

#4: Pay in Full

Most insurance companies will also offer you a discount if you pay your full six-month premium in one lump sum instead of splitting it up into six different monthly payments. This discount can be significant if you pay in full every six months for your insurance policy.

#5: Add an Anti-Theft Protections

Adding anti-theft protection to your vehicle, such as an alarm system, or having the VIN chemically etched onto the vehicle, can it harder for someone to steal your vehicle. This may make your vehicle easier to insure. If you add any anti-theft protection to your vehicle, be sure to inform your insurance company so you can get a discount.

#6: Skip Add-On Coverage

Next, you may not want to pay for extra coverage, like roadside assistance or rental car coverage. These add-ons can provide for great peace of mind, but you may be able to get this same coverage through a third-party provider for less. Also, some credit card companies provide roadside assistance for free, so if you are getting this coverage from somewhere else, you are not going to want to pay double for it.

The six tips above are ways to save money on your car insurance and keep this repeat expense affordable for you. To learn more, contact an auto insurance company near you.