5 Car Features That Can Lower Your Insurance Premium

17 December 2020
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The next time you are looking to buy a new vehicle, make sure the vehicle you purchase will help lower your insurance rates. There are numerous safety features that insurance companies will give you a discount on your car insurance for. When shopping for your next car, make sure your vehicle has features that will help you save on your auto insurance.

Feature #1: Anti-Lock Brakes & Automatic Emergency Braking

Antilock brakes have become standard and all modern vehicles. Antilock brakes help your vehicle stop quickly in an emergency. Many car insurance companies will offer discounts for antilock braking systems.

Some vehicles are equipped with more advanced anti-lock brake systems known as automatic emergency braking. With automatic emergency braking, your vehicle will use sensors to determine the vehicle's speed in front of you and will use that information to decide if a crash is imminent. If your vehicle determines that a collision is imminent with an automatic braking system, your car will hit on the brakes.

Feature #2: Anti-Theft Device

Second, having a vehicle with some anti-theft device installed is another excellent way to save.

Most insurance companies will offer discounts for various anti-theft devices, such as an ignition cutoff switch or a passive alarm system. The exact discount usually depends on the type of anti-theft device installed in your vehicle and if the anti-theft device was factory installed or added later.

Feature #3: Tracking System

Third, having a GPS tracking system installed on your vehicle, such as an OnStar or LoJack system, can often earn you a sizable discount on your auto insurance. With a tracking system, your auto insurance company would be able to recover your vehicle if it was ever stolen.

Feature #4: Daytime Running Lights

4th, if your vehicle has daytime running lights, you might be able to get another small safety discount. Daytime running lights are front lights on your vehicle that turn on whenever your car is running. Daytime running lights help increase the visibility of your vehicle on the road.

Feature #5: Forward Collision Warning System

Fifth, if your vehicle has a forward-collision warning system, you might be able to get a small reduction in your insurance premium.

Forward collision warning systems provide you with both visual and auditory signals that let you know when a car or other large object is directly in your path, and you are likely to hit it if you don't stop. Forward collision warning systems effectively reduce rear-end crashes, which is why insurance companies will provide you with a discount if your vehicle has this type of system.

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