Changing Your Auto Insurance Provider

18 November 2020
 Categories: Insurance, Blog


Transportation is essential for most families. For those in busy city centers, this could be using a mix of public transportation, rideshares, and a personal vehicle. Owning one or more vehicles requires having insurance that reflects driving habits, but auto insurance can be expensive. Here are a few ways to find a lower auto insurance rate.

Current lifestyle changes may lead to unexpected auto insurance discounts. Reach out to a current insurance provider when something has changed. Examples include relocating for a new job, working exclusively from home, or getting a job that requires a much shorter commute. If blood relatives move into your home, combine the auto policies of all drivers at the residence. If the rate quoted is not a lower rate than what you're already paying, branch out to other auto insurance providers. Some companies reward long-time customers with additional rates just for asking. In the event that a lower rate is not honored, it might be a great time to move on to another auto insurance company. 

Receiving an online quote only takes a few minutes and could lead to saving hundreds of dollars annually. Lower rates are usually available in addition to discounts that the company can give you. You may want to lower the amount of collision coverages for any cars that are older to gain additional savings. Choosing liability-only coverage for cars with a low replacement value is another option. Agreeing to place a device that monitors driving patterns in the car can lead to lower rates as well.

Small or serious accidents may cause insurance rates to increase. Some insurance companies have accident forgiveness programs, or they honor discounts for taking safety classes. Driver's education courses can be done online or in local driving schools for additional discounts upon completion. The insurance company may require proof of attendance and completion before issuing the discount on auto insurance.

You will want to choose an insurance provider that you feel comfortable with. You can reach out to the auto insurance provider by visiting their website, or you can try calling in to see how they interact with members. Ask for discounts with your current carrier, or consider switching companies to lower your monthly rates. Use these tips to help you find out if you can lower your rates with your current insurance provider, or to help you decide if it's time to switch carriers. For more information about auto insurance, contact a local agent.