Will Your Home Insurance Policy Cover Water Damage?

17 August 2020
 Categories: Insurance, Blog


As a homeowner, one of the reasons you may want home insurance coverage is because you want to be protected from water damage. Here are some situations that can cause water damage so that you can figure out if the damage will be covered. 

Burst Pipe

A common situation that you may run into is that a pipe bursts in your home. This can happen due to a pipe freezing in the winter and causing a pipe to crack, or a galvanized pipe within a wall that typically breaks after years of wear and tear. This type of water damage should be covered by your basic home insurance policy. You will be covered for the cost associated with the plumbing repair that needs to be made, as well as any damage to the construction materials of your home to access the pipe and make the repair.

Roof Leak

Another problem that can happen is a roof leak, which can happen suddenly. The water that comes into your home can cause a lot of damage, with it ruining your insulation and eventually causing damage to the ceiling on the top floor of your home. Home insurance can help cover the water damage and the repair of the roof, as well as replacing the construction materials damaged from the water entering. 

Window Well Water Intrusion

There are many reasons why water can come in through your window wells and enter your basement. One possibility is excessive rainwater. If the water levels keep increasing and eventually reach your home, the first point of entry will be your window wells. Be aware that this type of damage typically requires having flood insurance. Even though it is not the traditional flooding of water coming in from a nearby river, lake, or ocean, your insurance policy may define it as flood damage and require special insurance to have coverage.

Sewage Backup

Water can also get into your home by backing up from the local sewer system. This will usually start by coming out of the drains at the lowest point in your home, which will result in the basement being flooded with dirty water from the sewers. This is another type of water damage that sometimes requires its own sewer backup damage policy. If you are concerned about this type of damage happening to your home, work with your insurance agent. 

To ensure your coverage is adequate, contact home insurance policy providers.