Does Auto Insurance Cover Damage From A Rock Hitting Your Windshield?

18 October 2019
 Categories: Insurance, Blog


As you are driving along a highway, you may encounter a time when a rock flies into the air and strikes your windshield. While this will not always cause damage to a windshield, it does in many situations. If you experience a cracked windshield from this, you might be wondering if your auto insurance would cover the costs of the needed repairs. The answer is that it may. Here are several things to know about windshields being damaged by rocks. 

No one is at fault if the rock was on the road

The first thing to understand is that rocks hitting windshields on roads is a common occurrence, and when this happens, it is not usually anyone's fault. Rocks that are lying on or near roads can spin up into the air when trucks or vehicles drive by. If this happens, the rock could fly up and hit someone's windshield, and this really is no one's fault. It is just an accident that can happen simply because rocks are part of nature and can end up anywhere on the road.

The driver of the truck with the rock is responsible

There are also times when rocks will fly out of trucks while the trucks are driving with loads of rocks in their beds. When you see a truck that is transporting rock, you will likely notice that the back of the truck will have a warning sticker on it telling you to stay back. If you do not follow this warning and get hit by a flying rock, it is your own fault. If you do follow the warning, or if there is no warning on the truck, and you still end up getting hit with a rock on your windshield, it is the driver's fault. In this case, you could file a claim against the driver of the truck for the damage. The only problem you may face with this is locating the driver of the truck, which is often difficult to do.

Your own insurance can help if you cannot find the driver

In any case, you can file a claim with your own insurance for the costs of the damage if you have comprehensive insurance coverage. Having your windshield damaged by a rock is a normal type of risk you take when you drive, yet your insurance might be able to help. If you have questions about your auto insurance coverage, you can learn more by contacting a company like Insurance Savers.