3 Tips For Shopping For Car Insurance After A DWI

27 May 2019
 Categories: Insurance, Blog


If you have been convicted of a DWI or DUI and are looking for a car insurance option, you will probably find that these simple tips will help a lot. Keeping them in mind when signing up for a policy will help you find the policy that you need even after you have been convicted of drinking and driving.

1. Get Your License Back First

In many states, individuals who are convicted of a DWI or DUI lose their licenses for a certain period of time. If this has happened to you, you might have to wait until you get your license back before you can start shopping for insurance. Many insurance companies will not sell car insurance policies to people who do not have a driver's license.

2. Be Truthful About Your DWI or DUI

When first shopping for car insurance online, you may be given the opportunity to fill out information about yourself and your driving record. This will help you get a quote and sign up for a policy.

If you don't add your DWI or DUI, then you might be given a quote for an affordable rate. You may even be given the chance to sign up for a policy.

However, it's important to be truthful when signing up online or talking to an agent on the phone. Otherwise, when the insurance company finds out about your DWI or DUI conviction, your policy could be dropped, or you might be charged a much higher rate.

3. Shop Around Before Buying a Policy

It is a good idea for anyone who is looking to purchase a car insurance policy to shop around before doing so. If you don't, then you might end up paying higher rates than you have to. This is particularly important for someone who has been convicted of a DWI or DUI in the past few years or for someone who otherwise may have to pay higher rates, such as someone who has had a lot of speeding tickets.

Some companies are more forgiving about these things than others, and it's best to find the companies that are more forgiving and that offer the lowest rates. The best way to do this is to shop around, so take the time to get multiple quotes before you purchase anything. You could stand to save hundreds of dollars or more by doing this, so for most people, it's well worth the time.