Answers to 3 Questions You Might Have About Life Insurance

28 February 2017
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Every responsible adult should have a life insurance policy. There is no reason that you should be without one, and it is dangerous for those that you love to be left without financial assistance if you were to pass away. Here are some things that you need to know about life insurance.

If You Don't Have Children, Should You Still Carry Life Insurance?

Life insurance isn't only for the person who has dependents. Every adult should have a policy. Yes, the person with a lot of dependents should have more life insurance that a single adult, but the single adult should still have a policy.

Some of the things you life insurance will cover will include expenses that you may not have planned on. For example, say that toward the end of your life you accrued a good deal of medical debt. Even if you pass away, someone has to pay those debts. It will pass on to your family to cover these bills.

In addition, your debts don't pass away with you. There is a chance that the creditors will go after some of your family, especially if you had a co-signer, or if you have another person on the loan. A life insurance policy will help to cover these expenses so that you don't leave your loved ones with this debt.

If You Have Good Savings, Do You Still Need Life Insurance?

Another question that many people have is if they still need life insurance if they have good savings. Many people plan for retirement and disastrous situations and that is great! Ideally everyone should have a rainy day fund, but what many people do not understand is that after you pass away, you cannot guarantee that your savings won't go to taxes, and end of life expenses.

If you were hoping that your savings would be used to care for dependents, and unforeseen expenses there is no guarantee. Life insurance cannot be taxed, the amount you buy is what you get, so you are sure that your loved ones are getting that amount of money.

When Should You Get Life Insurance?

The best time to purchase life insurance is when you are young and healthy. However, you can purchase life insurance at any point in life. It will just become more expensive the older you get and as your health declines.

As you can see life insurance is important for everyone and people in all different situations. Contact an insurance agency to learn more.