Loss Of Business From A Natural Disaster The City Hasn’t Repaired? What To Do To Make A Claim

14 February 2020
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If a natural disaster has caused extreme property damage to your small business and the city hasn't fixed the problem, you shouldn't suffer because of the income loss. When customers can't get in the door or they think that your business is closed and you can't make a profit, this is a problem. You will want to find a loss-of-income claims adjuster to inform them about the loss of business. If you qualify to be compensated, then you may be able to get back some of what you are losing. Read More 

Risks Of Waiting Too Long To Purchase Life Insurance

26 December 2019
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Life insurance is something many people will put off simply because they feel like they are not at an age where they really need it yet. If you are in this position and are tossing around the idea of purchasing life insurance, you should probably talk to an insurance agent about it. If you wait too long to purchase a policy, you are taking on big risks. Here are some of the risks of waiting too long to buy a policy. Read More 

3 Tips For Seniors Who Can’t Afford To Go To The Doctor

19 November 2019
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If you are a senior citizen who cannot afford your healthcare, you might worry about how you will be able to go to the doctor the next time that you are injured or sick. It can be a tough situation to be in, but there are options out there for you. These are a few options for low-income seniors who cannot afford to go to the doctor. Try one or all of the following options so that you can get the healthcare that you need when you need it: Read More 

Does Auto Insurance Cover Damage From A Rock Hitting Your Windshield?

18 October 2019
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As you are driving along a highway, you may encounter a time when a rock flies into the air and strikes your windshield. While this will not always cause damage to a windshield, it does in many situations. If you experience a cracked windshield from this, you might be wondering if your auto insurance would cover the costs of the needed repairs. The answer is that it may. Here are several things to know about windshields being damaged by rocks. Read More 

Understanding The Difference Between Comprehensive Insurance And Collision Insurance

19 September 2019
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When it comes to buying passenger vehicle insurance, the two things you are going to hear about the most are comprehensive insurance and collision insurance. When buying passenger vehicle insurance, it is important to understand what these two things are.  Both Comprehensive Insurance and Collision Insurance Cover Damage to Things First, you need to understand that both comprehensive insurance and collision insurance is designed to cover damage to objects or things. Neither insurance provides coverage for people. That is covered under other parts of your insurance, particularly your personal injury protection coverage and your liability coverage. Read More