Family Tax Filing Responsibilities

25 October 2021
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Your teenager may have recently gotten a job and now you are wondering what their responsibility is, concerning the filing of their taxes. Use the following guidelines to aid with reporting your and your loved one's taxes. Filing Basics A single dependent who is a minor and who can be claimed on a parent or guardian's tax return may not necessarily need to file an individual return. Income guidelines are furnished through the IRS. Read More 

FAQ About Auto Insurance And Liability Coverage

23 September 2021
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What is liability auto insurance? If you're not sure what types of coverage options are available and which ones you need, take a look at what you need to know about liability and your next auto insurance policy. What Does Liability Mean? To better understand this type of auto coverage, start at the name. The term liability refers to responsibility. Liability isn't only used in reference to auto policies. But when used to describe parts of drivers insurance, liability covers injuries to other people that you are responsible for or that you cause. Read More 

Things to Assess With a Pay-by-Mile Motorcycle Insurance Policy

10 August 2021
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For those that don't ride their motorcycles often, pay-by-mile insurance policies are superior to others. They give motorcycle owners the ability to save money because they're not paying a set price each month when their motorcycles sit out. If this type of policy makes sense for you, there are a couple of things you want to assess first. Mile-Tracking Process After finding a provider to get a pay-by-mile motorcycle insurance policy from, you want to find out how they want you to track your miles. Read More 

When Do You Need To Ask For An Auto Insurance Quote?

1 July 2021
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Your car insurance policy isn't something you think about every day. Perhaps you only think about it when you're paying your premiums or when you want to make a claim. However, some situations call for reviewing your insurance policy and making the needed changes. And, during such times, you'll need to ask for an auto insurance quote from your insurer. Keep on reading to learn four situations when asking for a quote is a good idea. Read More 

What Your Insurance Agent Needs As You Apply For Auto Insurance

7 June 2021
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Are you shopping for an auto insurance policy? You will need to engage a professional auto insurance agent. The agents act as an intermediary between you and an insurance company. Such agents will support you to get adequate coverage for your vehicles and process your claims in the event of an insured risk. Here is the key information an auto insurance agent may require from a potential policyholder. Personal Details  Read More