The Benefits Of Having An In-Person Insurance Agent

29 September 2018
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If you need a new car insurance policy or are shopping around for a new home insurance policy, there are many insurance agencies that you can purchase a policy from both online and in-person. While buying online may seem fast and easy, there are a few benefits to having an in-person insurance agent instead. Learning these benefits can help you determine whether to buy from an online insurance agency or whether to buy from an in-person insurance agent. Read More 

How Your Choice Of Tires And Wheels May Affect Your Auto Insurance

8 August 2018
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Many factors affect car insurance rates, so it's no surprise that many people don't know them all. For example, do you know that your tires can also affect your auto insurance premiums? Here are three ways in which this may happen: Winter Tire Discounts Standard tires start losing traction when the weather reaches 40oF. Low temperatures also reduce the flexibility of tires as well as their grip on the road. All of these reduce your car's handling and can easily lead to an accident. Read More 

3 Extras You May Want To Include In Your Homeowner’s Insurance Policy

18 June 2018
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Whether you are buying your very first home or just want to shop around for a new policy, homeowner's insurance will be an imperative part of your family's finances. In most cases, these insurance policies cover the basics, such as damage from a storm or house fire and even theft. Unfortunately, the majority of homeowners are not covered for other perils that may affect the home and your financial future. Here are a few " Read More 

3 Sticky Situations That Employer Liability Coverage Can Help You With

26 April 2018
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Employer liability coverage is one of the insurance coverage you should be thinking about if you have employees. The coverage will come in handy if your employees are injured on the job and workers compensation does not cover the cases or damages. Here are three specific situations that employer liability coverage may help you with: Your Employee Is Suing You in a Dual Capacity Workers compensation pays for workers injuries in case they are injured while on the job. Read More 

3 Things To Look For When Choosing Insurance After You Begin Working From Home

17 March 2018
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When you have a job that allows you to work from home, it's likely that there a lot of changes that you need to make to make working from home comfortable and productive. One of the things you may not have considered when going through all the changes for working from home is your insurance. Changing your insurance plan can be a great idea since it can help protect all of your belongings that will now be in your home. Read More